Corporate Headquarters

Trio-Tech International
16139 Wyandotte Street
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Tel: 1 818 787 7000
Fax: 1 818 787 9130


Trio-Tech International Pte Ltd
Trio-Tech Bangkok Co., Ltd
Trio-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd
Trio-Tech (SIP) Co., Ltd
Trio-Tech (Chongqing) Co., Ltd

Trio-Tech (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
Universal (Far East) Pte Ltd


Investor Relations

Neil Berkman Associates

Tel: 1 310 477 3118
Fax:1 818 789 5171

Corporate Information

Corporate Officers

President & CEO:
Vice-President & CFO:

A. Charles Wilson
S.W. Yong
Victor Ting
Richard Lim
Lee-Soon Siew Kuan


Corporate Mission & Core Values

Our Mission
is to provide high quality products and services that fulfill the price and quality requirements of our customers, create opportunities for achievement and personal growth for our employees and enhance value for our shareholders.

Our Core Values

We adopt a positive attitude to every task with a " Can Do " attitude.

We are determined to add Value for our customers with continuous improvement.

We demand of ourselves the highest ethical standards.

We believe teamwork improves the quality of decisions and as such, we strive to work to meet the changing needs of our customers.

We compete aggressively with strong focus on customer satisfaction.

We lead, build and develop our people with a clarity of purpose, shared sense of goals and strong commitment to excellence.


Corporate Quality Policy

Our Policy
is to provide quality products and services that conform to the requirements of all our customers and to continually improve our processes to enhance customer satisfaction.


Environmental Policy

Our Policy
is to strive to contribute towards a green environment by continually improving its environmental management system.


Safety and Health Policy

Our Policy


Corporate Governance

The company has a long-standing commitment to high standards of corporate governance. Strong adherence to ethical business practices is a fundamental shared value of its Board of Directors, management and employees. To understand and better aquaint with Trio-Tech's Company Policies, please click on the following links.


Corporate Milestones

1958 :
Trio-Tech International was founded in the U.S.

1976 : Trio-Tech Setup its first burn-in lab in Singapore

1985 : Trio-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd was set up in Penang to operate test facilities

1986 : Trio-Tech International listed in the U.S. under trading ticker TRT

1992 : Trio-Tech Singapore achieved ISO 9002 certification

1995 : Trio-Tech Singapore achieved ISO 9001 certification

1998 : Trio-Tech International listed on AMEX under the symbol TRT

2000 : Trio-Tech Singapore achieved QS 9000 certification

2003 : Trio-Tech opened a sales office in China known as Trio-Tech (SIP) Co., Ltd

2004 : Trio-Tech Test Services was renamed Universal (Far East) Pte Ltd

2004 : Trio-Tech Malaysia acquired a burn-in testing division in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

2005 : Trio-Tech Singapore, Trio-Tech Malaysia and Trio-Tech Bangkok achieved
ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO/TS16949:2002 certification

2006 :Trio-Tech Singapore achieved ISO 14001:2004 certification

2007 : Trio-Tech set up a company in the city of Chongqing,China known as Trio-Tech (ChongQing) Co. Ltd. Trio-Tech Singapore achieved ISO 17025 certification

2008 : Trio-Tech ( Suzhou) achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification. Universal ( Far East) Pte. Ltd. achieved ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation under SAC-SINGLAS for the field of Calibration and Measurement. Universal ( Far East) Pte. Ltd. achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.

2009 : Trio-Tech Singapore, Trio-Tech Malaysia, Trio-Tech ( Suzhou) and Trio-Tech ( Bangkok) were re-certified to ISO 9001-2008 standards. Trio-Tech Singapore was recertified to ISP 14001:2004 standard.

2010 : Trio-Tech Singapore achieved bizSAFE Level 3 workplace safety and health standard. Trio-Tech Singapore established a subsidiary, Trio-Tech ( Tianjin) Co. Ltd., in China. Trio-Tech ( Tianjin) Co. Ltd., achieved ISO 9001-2008 certification.


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